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The New Standard in Problem Analysis.

Bring back the HOPE through DATA.

The MaltawellModel™

Proprietary 14-step customized problem reframing process

Today’s program success requires identifying and focusing untapped resources on robust solutions for complex problems. However, it takes a keen eye to see the potential for business solutions when the data is hidden. Maltawell Holdings, Inc has a successful history of finding the hidden gems of problematic situations through interviews, research, and modeling. The proprietary MaltawellModel™ process makes the use of untapped and hidden solutions visible for implementation."


In-depth research helps to provide a complex problem’s context and history. Stakeholder insights, literature reviews, and technical deep dives are part of the MaltawellModel™ research process, customized to meet each customer’s needs.


People often unknowingly hold the answers to the problems they want to solve. Once this is brought to light, struggling teams benefit exponentially. The MaltawellModel™ informs the strategy recommendations to increase engagement and re-energize teams that have given up.


Creative analysis using standard industry tools and methodologies can make illusive solutions to difficult challenges apparent. The MaltawellModel™ applies its unique blend of analysis techniques to discover answers overlooked by rigid approaches.


Consultants are often criticized for promoting solutions that fail to last for the long term. The MaltawellModel™ process considers its customers’ ability to sustain performance improvements into the future. Continuous monitoring and interim analysis services are available to help sustainability.

Uncovering the "unsaid" cause of problems 

Confidentiality, competence, and comprehensiveness are the cornerstones of the consulting, publishing, and modeling included in Maltawell Holdings’ work. The customer relationship cornerstones enable Maltawell Holdings consultants to uncover the “invisible” blockages to a program and team’s success. While larger consulting companies may sacrifice the three qualities for efficiency and speed, our company maintains these standards in everything we do.

Case Studes

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


 of companies have misdiagnosed problems


of companies agree reframing improves solutions


of companies experience lower costs after reframing


of companies experience lower costs after reframing

Our Analysis Tools

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