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Our Mission

Maltawell Holdings, Inc. is an independent consulting, research, publishing, and data mining company that provides its customer with strategic business solutions for complex problems. Our mission is to help our customers uncover the answers to their problems that are hidden in plain view.

Our Story

Maltawell Holdings, Inc. began as a small boutique consulting firm in 2017. The company’s focus was on researching the advanced technology market and documenting the technology transfer gap issues involving America’s Black American science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) professional community. The company’s focus expanded to concerns about real estate development’s impact on local communities. The global COVID-19 pandemic allowed the company to consider a possible pivot into new consulting areas horizontally. In 2023, the company was accepted into the E3 Durham Entrepreneurial Development program and expanded its plans to include publishing and data mining for a variety of industries as a member of North Carolina’s startup ecosystem.

Maltawell Holdings brings a wealth of knowledge to its customers. With over 30 years of experience in automotive, healthcare IT, data analytics, and community outreach, Maltawell Holdings has a wide breadth of practical knowledge in the research and development program arena. Maltawell’s leadership has worked in corporate, academic, small business, state government, nonprofit, and international environments. Maltawell also has consulting experience in liaison with the United States federal government. A recent project resulted in Maltawell’s consulting branching wider and into the non-governmental (NGO) aspect of international government.

Experienced Leadership

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